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Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

Buckler Aquatics has been providing swimming lessons in the GTA to infants and toddlers, adults as well as those with special needs for over 46 years with great success. Our 90-degree pool temperatures, professional and patient instructors and staff members, and private and customized teaching methods are just some of the reasons why we stand out above the rest. Read what some of our satisfied clients have to say below.

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John C

Our son Sean is a special needs child and has been attending Bucklers Aquatics for over a year now. He has attended both group classes and individual private lessons. Sean really enjoys his swimming lessons and it is the highlight of his week. The staff are each extremely professional and well trained as well as very caring and friendly. There really is a lovely atmosphere at Bucklers and Sean responds very positively to it. Sean has some extra needs and the warmer pool really makes it easier for him to relax in the water. Sean has gained so much confidence in the water and is now able to float independently and is well on the way to learning to swim.

We are returning to Ireland this summer and Sean will most certainly miss his Buckler swim classes. Thank you for all your kindness to our family!

Catherine C

I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate you taking the time to help my son. As you could probably tell, I was nearing my wits end and obviously was not handling the situation as I should have. You being there at that time was exactly what he needed. The fact that you acknowledged the situation and took it upon yourself to help us, without ever remotely knowing us, surprised me. I was genuinely taken aback by your heartfelt gesture. No one has ever taken the steps you have to help my son.

If you hadn't been there and helped us, I don't think my son would even consider coming back. Thanks to you (and I know it is solely because of you) that he is actually thinking of trying again next week. He said he would go into the water and he was OK if one on the instructors goes in with him. I know that once he gets his feet wet, he'll love his swimming lessons. It's just that overwhelming fear of getting to that point that throws a curve ball into the process. You know, I should be used to this by now, but he throws me for a loop every time.

Thanks again, and I really can't thank you enough.

Georgina C. and Family

Our granddaughter has been taking swimming lessons at Buckler Aquatics since she was a year old and is now two. Over the summer she swam across our pool underwater without water wings. She jumped off the diving board without water wings. We cannot thank the Buckler Aquatics instructors enough for teaching Bella and look forward to many more years of lessons. She is very comfortable in the water, which is wonderful. She swam every day this summer. Thank you Buckler Aquatics.


Buckler Aquatics has provided great swimming instruction for our three children. Our oldest child now 15 years old has been taking lessons at Bucklers since he was 4. He is now completing his bronze cross. Our daughter began lessons when she was 2 1/2 years old and is about to get her bronze medallion. Our third son has recently begun his swimming lessons at Bucklers and is about to get his tad badge. We chose Bucklers because none of the other schools we tried provided the attention and care that we have received here at Bucklers. Buckler Aquatics has trained its instructors in such a way that they are able to train any type of child from the most fearful to the most daring to ultimately learn to swim with confidence and finesse. Swimming is a life skill and we wanted a place that would give our children the type of instruction that would make them strong and confident swimmers. You can definitely tell a Buckler Aquatic swimmer apart from the rest because of his/her beautiful style and confidence!

Charlotte and Chuck M., Mississauga

Alanna and Mitch have been taking lessons for almost 10 years at the Mississauga facility. Over the years, the staff has been wonderful. Thank you for all you have done. Nives, thank you for always being so accommodating over the years. You are always a joy to talk with.

Adriana, Parent of Maria and Sofia

To all staff at Scarborough pool, office staff and supervisors: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching my kids to swim! For the past five years we enjoyed coming to the pool where your young and friendly staff made my daughters' swimming lessons so much more enjoyable! They all have patience with the kids, they are dedicated and they take their job seriously considering their age. I have watched them from behind the glass in the waiting room and I am pleased to say that their parents and training staff at the pool have done a great job in teaching them the things that made them become nice young adults. Also, a big thank you goes to the office staff for being courteous and accommodating with the scheduling of regular, make-up and pre-test classes.

People like you make the world a better place to live in!

Natasha B., Parent

Although my daughter had been in a pool weekly from the age of 6 months on, at 4 years old, after a year of private lessons at the local community centre, she still could not float. After 8 weeks at Buckler she was floating and swimming on her own. Through a combination of group and subsequently private lessons, she completed all 10 Red Cross levels within 4.5 years. She is now a strong and confident swimmer. The method of instruction at Buckler was patient, child-centred and deliberate. New skills were only introduced when she was ready. Although there are more than one child in a group class, instruction is individual and tailored to each child's needs and abilities.

And the pool itself is fantastic. A serious issue for us was the temperature at the community centre pools. We moved to a facility that was farther from our home because they had a "kiddie" pool that was warmer but after a few sessions my daughter was to be moved to the big pool. In the large pool her lips were always blue by the end of the 1/2 hour class and she was crying and shaking. At Buckler the temperature is warm and cozy so the children can concentrate on learning to swim.

Finally, the staff was terrific. They were open and easy to speak with; they provided feedback every week and helped me to understand where my daughter was making progress. I would recommend Buckler Aquatics to anybody!

Michelle A., Parent

We have been clients at Buckler Aquatics since 2000. Three of our children have completed all ten levels of swimming and the eldest has completed his Bronze Medallion and his Bronze Cross at Buckler. Currently we have one child enrolled at the Scarborough Pool.

Throughout the past 12 years we have had incredible instructors who have high expectations in the pool and on deck. The children enter the pool with a deckhand and can expect to follow a regular routine while the parent can watch from a comfortable viewing area. I know that when a child receives a badge from an instructor that they have passed all the requirements!!

I have recommended Buckler Aquatics to many friends who have been equally thrilled with the program!

Patrizia S., Markham

Growing up I didn't learn to swim, so ensuring my children learned how to swim was a mandatory life skill. My daughter Sienna has been taking lessons at Buckler since the age of 2. She is now 5 years old and will be moving to Level 5 in a few short weeks. It is without reservation that I say that Sienna's strong swimming abilities are the result of the wonderful swimming program offered by Buckler.

When Sienna was taking lessons through the community program, she would fulfill the requirements in the first 1-2 lessons but had to repeat levels because she was too young to progress to the next level which was a waste of time and money. For those of you considering moving your children from the community swim program to Bucklers, do not think twice about making the change. Your child will benefit from individualized coaching and will progress based on skill/readiness regardless of age which is worth every cent. The pool and administrative staff are absolutely amazing and Sienna and I look forward to her weekly lessons. I've already enrolled our 18 month old twins to start their Buckler journey at the end of the summer and I know they will love their lessons as much as Sienna does.

Randal B., Toronto

My wife and I needed to become more comfortable in the water as we were preparing for a summer cottage trip. We were thrilled to find out that Buckler offered lessons for adults - and that we could take them together! With their excellent instructors and the small class size, I was easily able to get over my initial fears of being in the deep end. We cannot thank the Buckler team enough for opening up the world of water to us - you have all made our future vacations much more exciting!


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