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Join Us for Adult Swimming Lessons in Toronto

Learning how to swim shouldn't only be limited to children. After all, it's a skill that not only helps you keep in shape, but it can be lifesaving as well. As a private swimming school with 3 advanced pool facilities across the Toronto area and certified staff who are passionate about teaching people to swim properly, Buckler Aquatics is the perfect place if you’re looking for personalized swimming lessons and other water activity programs - regardless of your age. Whether you want to sign up for Aqua Fit in North York so you can become more active or private lessons in Mississauga to achieve your personal goals, we have your swimming needs covered. Reach out to us for professional adult swimming lessons in Toronto.


Our proprietary teaching methods at Buckler Aquatics are designed to give our swim students the personalized attention they need to develop their skills and techniques at their own pace. Thanks to our small-group lessons and one-on-one instruction, we have the flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of each client with all the programs we offer, such as adult swimming lessons in Toronto. This is most helpful for those who are nervous about being in the water or hesitant about their ability to learn.

Our swim lessons for beginners in Toronto are safe and effective. Right from learning how to balance your body in water to perfecting that backstroke, our instructors are here to guide you through every step.


Get in touch with us to find out if we have the right program for your needs.

Specialized Buckler Programs

The following is a list of specialized programs available at Buckler Aquatics:


Private lessons are available on a continuous or 1-off basis

Additional pre-test water safety instruction for swimmers being tested for their next level

Adult swimming lessons in Toronto for non-swimmers who may be uncomfortable in a water environment or just want to improve their strokes

Buckler TAD program for infants and toddlers

Life Saving Society Swim Patrol program

Buckler Aquatics aqua-fit classes


Programs for Beginner Swimmers

Our pools are the perfect environment for you if you're just learning how to swim regardless of your age. At the beginner level, we focus on floating and breath retention. Breathing is one of the fundamental basics of swimming, which is why our trainers place emphasis on it in the beginner program. You learn some important stroke development techniques that help you learn strokes better later. Our licensed instructors follow a unique individualized approach and make sure your fear and anxiety of being in the water are eliminated.


Red Cross Swim Kids Program

Knowing how to swim doesn't just end at knowing how to float and properly breathe in the water. Following the Red Cross Swim Kids Program, our lesson help master basic strokes and systematically lead you to more advanced swimming techniques and lifesaving skills.


Personalized Approach to Swimming in Toronto

What makes our programs a success with swimmers is our meticulous personalized approach. At Buckler Aquatics in Toronto, we understand that every swimmer is different, and requires a unique approach. This enables us to successfully teach people of all ages, with different capacities. Our small groups and the option of individual lessons allow us to carefully focus on every student's needs. Everyone, from toddlers to senior citizens can benefit from our individualized swimming lessons.


Why Choose Us

Learning how to swim is an important experience that requires the skills of experts. There are many reasons to choose the experienced instructors at Buckler Aquatics, including:

  • We have over 50 years of experience in teaching people of all ages
  • We offer a hands-on approach with small group sizes
  • We provide a comfortable learning environment, with the water always at the right temperature
  • Our instructors are properly trained and licensed
  • We never compromise on your safety
  • We have three convenient locations across Toronto

Do you have any questions regarding our programs? Send them to us and we will get back to you right away. Alternatively, you can call us at 416-499-0151.

Register with Us Now

To learn more about any one of our specialized programs at Buckler Aquatics, including adult swimming lessons in Toronto, contact us today! Program dates and times may vary by location. Register with us now for specialized swimming programs and add another skillset to your life.


Swim for Your Life!

Register for one of our swimming programs today.

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