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If you want your child to learn to swim in Toronto, you can count on Buckler Aquatics, a pioneer in imparting teaching swimming to infants and toddlers. Over 2,000 clients go through swimming lessons in North York, Mississauga and Scarborough locations weekly. We are proud to say that many of our current students are children and grandchildren of parents who were Buckler ‘Tads’ once themselves.

Following the Buckler TAD initial instruction, we teach the Canadian Red Cross Swim Kids program (through level 10), emphasizing stroke style, endurance and distance swimming. We at Buckler Aquatics provide professional training for Lifesaving Society Canadian Swim Patrol and the Bronze Awards programs to teens and adults to prepare them for a lifetime of safe enjoyment in the water. Call us to enrol in a swim program.


Parents are often worried about their toddler or kid's safety in the water while learning to swim. We at Buckler Aquatics assure you of the complete safety of your precious ones when they are in the water with our highly experienced instructors.

Our Buckler TAD program is specifically for toddlers, and its Batch certification prepares your kids to earn Red Cross Swim Kids program.

Our instructors and facilities are equipped with all safety measures and are enthusiastic while preparing your toddler and kids for vital life skills.

We help them adapt to water and progress by teaching fundamentals of swimming as:

  • Building trust and confidence: Our highly trained and patient instructors know how to build trusting relationships with their students. We will start with building their confidence in the water by letting them get their face wet by partially submerging their mouth and nose in water by taking a deep breath and holding it for a while.
  • Breath control: They learn to breathe in and out with their mouth and then exhale in water through their mouth.
  • Breathing underwater: It is a vital skill for further learning to submerge with face and nose in the water and exhale through the mouth.
  • Submerging: The kids will learn to submerge by holding the poolside edge and practising sinking.
  • Floating: Next comes stationary floating on the water's surface. We will start by manually supporting the kids to float in a star shape with legs and arms stretched out in a star shape in both prone and supine poses. Then slowly remove the support and let them know about their body's buoyancy capacity to help it float. Though it's one of the more challenging skills to teach kids, our instructors help the child to learn to relax and rest their neck/head in the water.
  • Regaining standing: They will learn to stand after floating freely by practising bending knees, using their arms to pull themselves up, and then placing their feet on the pool floor. This part of learning swimming is a huge confidence builder for the kids.
  • Push and glide: This is the last basic skill to start formal swimming lessons. They will learn how to push and glide from the poolside and create a stretched-out streamlined position to cut efficiently through the water.


Swimming is one of the few physical activities that can be started in infancy. Billions of new neurons are created when a baby plays in water. It gives children the added advantage of building muscle tone, coordination, discipline, comprehension and confidence in and around water. It is a life skill that can be enjoyed by the whole family while keeping you healthy and fit at the same time. It’s also a great workout for your entire body and specifically the cardiovascular system.

Swimming can benefit adults with the following:

To live a longer, healthy life because it helps to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke compared to those who don't swim.

Stay lean as it provides a full-body workout by engaging the core of the body with moving arms, shoulders, and legs along with a higher metabolic rate.

Control hypertension and blood pressure and strengthen the lungs with its aerobic feature.

In diseased lung conditions like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the lungs can benefit significantly from swimming because swimming trains the muscles with respiration, and the pool provides a humid, warm, and low-pollen environment.

Osteoarthritis, arthritis and fibromyalgia improve muscle strength and consequently less joint pain and stiffness.

Put you in a better mood due to the release of 'feel good hormones dopamine and serotonin and thus help to combat depression, anxiety and stress.

Sleep better by resetting the body's internal clock and restoring the natural circadian rhythm.


Swimming is a life skill, much like riding a bicycle or learning how to use a computer. Most Canadians participate in some form of aquatic activity each year. Unfortunately, in pursuing water-based activities, drowning and aquatics accidents claim the lives of over 400 individuals every year. This makes drowning and water-related fatalities the third-leading cause of accidental death in the country among those under the age of 60.

Buckler Aquatics offers swimming programs for toddlers and specialized programs for kids, teens and adults to acquire mastery of their swimming skills, certificates, and awards. Register for swimming lessons in Toronto now!


If you are thinking about registering you or your child for swimming lessons in Toronto or North York, here are some key features of our programs that you will find helpful:

No-charge initial evaluation to determine correct swim level

All lessons conducted in our own large, clean pools

Constant warm water environment – 90° F, 30° C

Buckler Aquatics trained professional, certified instructors

Individual instruction in a group environment

Swimmers evaluated continuously

Swimmers progress at their own rate encouraged by their instructor

Constant deck supervision

One-way glass viewing room for parents’ enjoyment

No-charge monthly family swims and weekly daytime and night-time play swim

Convenient, continuous booking of lesson day and time

Generous cancellation/make-up policy

Family discounts available

1 instructor and 1 junior instructor per class

Supervisor provides lounge updates and is available for individual questions

Centralized computer booking and make-up system

Contact Us

If you are interested in taking swimming lessons in Toronto or learning more about our pool facilities, please get in touch today! We’ll be happy to answer your queries.



Professional instructors for providing swimming lessons in North York, Toronto.

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