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Toddler Swimming Lessons in Toronto

You are never too young to learn swimming! Let your toddlers learn the tricks and trades of swimming from an early age so that they can grow up to become confident and capable swimmers in the future.


Buckler Aquatics offers swimming lessons to toddlers in our three locations in Toronto. We are here to make swimming more fun and easy for your child.


As an introduction to the water for our younger, toddler-age swimmers and in preparation for the Red Cross Swim Kids program, Buckler Aquatics has its own exclusive ‘badge’ certification called Buckler TAD.


Our professional toddler swimming lessons in Toronto (North York, Mississauga and Scarborough) begin with making sure that the child is completely relaxed and comfortable in the water. You can trust us with your children’s safety while they learn and have fun.


Know More About TAD

The TAD program provides young swimmers with a sense of water orientation, building trust between the swimmer and the instructor. Using proven methods and slow, gentle persuasion, instructors introduce the major components of this level which are breath retention and breathing control.


You can rely on us for toddler swimming lessons in Toronto and help your children develop a great life skill during their initial years. Our team and facility are also equipped to ensure that all safety measures are in place at our pool. You need not worry about the hazards as we have adopted all safety measures in our pool.

Swimming Lessons for Kids in Toronto

After completion of our introductory toddler swimming lessons, our swimming lessons for kids then move to front floats, having your child holding their breath with their head under water, followed by back floats. To earn their Buckler TAD badge, swimmers must be able to perform both a front and back float, unassisted across the width of the pool. Receiving the TAD badge is a very rewarding event for young swimmers, signifying their first achievement in the pool. Our lessons are a great way to improve a kid’s confidence while swimming independently.


Benefits of Swimming for Kids

Swimming results in the all-around development of your child. It contributes to a child’s physical strength and development and boosts his confidence and social skills. Your baby might not be able to walk or talk but can have fun swimming lessons as early as when he or she is just 4 months old. Some benefits of swimming lessons for toddlers and kids are:


Improves social skills

When your child engages in a group activity and interacts with other kids, they develop socially. They interact and talk with other kids and enjoy themselves apart from the usual school and studies.


Learn safety skills

 Swimming is not just an activity but a life-saving skill that your child learns.


Improves mental development

Due to a lot of workout of the body due to swimming, children develop a good mind and body connection that helps improve brain development. The impulses and active senses during swimming help a child in being active and improving brain activity.


Health benefits

One of the major swimming benefits is cardiovascular exercise. Swimming enhances the condition of the heart and lungs of a child while also building his strength and flexibility. Regular movement of the body due to swimming also prevents obesity in kids.


Signing your kid up for swimming lessons can be one of your wisest decisions as a parent. Get in touch with us if you’re looking for swimming lessons in Toronto.


Contact Us Today for more Information

It’s never too early for your child to learn the basics of swimming. Call and register your toddlers or older children for swimming lessons at one of our locations in Toronto today! Read our testimonials to know what our previous customers have to say about our toddler swimming lessons in Toronto.


Swim for Your Life!

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