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For the Love of Swimming

Let Buckler Aquatics be the swim school that helps you build a lifelong relationship with swimming.


Swimming Lessons for Life

Everyone should take swim lessons and be water safe. Test the water and learn with us.

Aqua Fit

Lap It Up – Try Aqua Fit and More

From water aerobics to synchronized swimming to private swim lessons, we’re here for you.


Baby and Toddler Swimming

Introduce your infant or young child to swimming early on to promote a healthy life.

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Read What Our Clients Have to Say

Learn what our past and present clients have to say about our private swimming programs.

Private Swimming School in Toronto: Water Safety for All Ages


Can’t think of a perfect activity for you or your child these summers? Swimming is a sport, an exercise and a fun activity that can be enjoyed these summers or for that matter your whole life. Not only is it fun, but there are also many health benefits associated with swimming including overall fitness, heart health, muscle strength and cognitive development.


If you’re thinking of learning swimming, what’s better than doing so under seasoned instructors and in the right environment. The better the techniques and classes you participate in, the better you’ll learn over time. Our team at Buckler Aquatics is ready to welcome you and work with you to meet your swimming goals!


As a private swimming school in Toronto, we at Buckler Aquatics have been teaching babies, children and adults how to master the art of swimming for almost 50 years. Whether you’d like swimming lessons for yourself or for your child, contact us to learn more about our swim programs today. We have 3 convenient pool locations across the Toronto area in Scarborough, North York and Mississauga, and over 40 certified and experienced swim instructors. Our lessons are provided to more than 2,000 children and adults each week, in small group settings and on an individual basis. Call us at 416-499-0151 to find out more about our swimming programs and we’re sure you won’t regret it.

Watch our video to see the highlights of our award-winning program

We have helped countless clients like you in the past by teaching them how to handle themselves in the water and truly enjoy the sport of swimming. Our unique individualized approach has made us the top choice for swimming lessons for infants, children and adults in Toronto. Watch our video displaying the highlights of our acclaimed swimming program.


Swimming Curriculums for All Ages

Whether it’s you are spending time boating in the cottage with loved ones or your child who has to enjoy his school’s pool party with friends, at Buckler Aquatics, we offer swimming programs for all ages. Our programs include:

  • The Canadian Red Cross Swim Kids program
  • Lifesaving Society Canadian Swim Patrol program
  • Bronze Awards program
  • TAD program: customized lessons for infants and toddlers
  • Adult swimming instruction (available daytime and evenings)
  • Specialized programs: individualized programs designed around every need

Get in touch with us and we can advise you on the best swimming plan for you or your child best suited to your needs.


90-degree Temperature for Optimum Comfort

At Buckler Aquatics, we care for you and strive to make your swimming sessions your best experience. We maintain our pools’ temperature at 90 degrees for optimum comfort, which is ideal for anyone, be it someone who experiences anxiety or fear of water, or someone who has special needs.


The benefits and fun of knowing how to swim are endless, and the best part is that you’re never too old to learn! Call Buckler Aquatics for information about our swim programs, schedules and pricing today.


Learn to Swim Like an Expert

Swimming is a skill picked up through consistency and hard work. Not only is it a pastime but provides a full body workout strengthening everything from the core to the arms and legs. Our fully trained instructors at Buckler Aquatics focus on teaching you how to swim properly and efficiently. Teaching in small groups and the option of individual classes allows our instructors to give one-on-one attention to students of all ages so that they can progress through the levels at their own pace. This close assessment enables us to craft the right approach for you. Whether you want swimming lessons for your child or are looking to learn swimming yourself, we'll have you swimming confidently in no time.


Certified Instructors Who Prioritize Your Safety

We understand that learning how to swim can be a daunting experience, especially for those who fear the water. When you choose us to teach you how to swim, you can rest assured that all of our instructors are fully trained and qualified to teach all skill levels. They are all certified by the Canadian Red Cross and the Lifesaving Society of Canada. While teaching you, we follow an approach of gentle persuasion but never push you beyond what is necessary. We take all of your unique needs like your learning style and your attitude towards the water into account. Our pools are always heated to a comfortable temperature to ease your anxiety and facilitate your learning. We have the required training to instruct people of all age groups, from babies to seniors, and even have classes for those with special needs. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us at Buckler Aquatics in Toronto to learn how to swim safely and quickly.


Why Choose Buckler Aquatics in Toronto?

Swimming is a skill that not only helps you enjoy the water but can be a lifesaving skill as well. We believe it is an essential skill to have. At Buckler Aquatics, we have the expertise that comes with teaching our community how to swim for over 50 years. Our team understands the learning patterns of people of all ages, allowing us to design efficient swimming programs. All of our instructors are fully-trained and licensed and follow a hands-on approach with every student. Our pools are located conveniently across Toronto, so the distance is never an issue for you.


We would love to hear from you! Send us your comments, or call us at 416-499-0151.

Professional Affiliations

We are proud to have skilled instructors to guide and teach you your swimming lessons. We are affiliated with Canadian Red Cross and

Lifesaving Society of Canada  to give you the best lessons and ensure an amazing lifetime experience for you.

Instructor Certifications at Our Swimming School in Toronto

All of our instructors are certified through the Canadian Red Cross and the Lifesaving Society of Canada.

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